picture fragments from SilverLands. The Chronicles of Carpatho-Ukraine 1919-1939*

High tea in Verhalenhuis Belvedere, herbal tea, snacks and sweets by Urkainian cook Uliana Yospenko with the musical performance Fire Horses.

Maryana Golovchenko – voice, effects and traditional Ukrainian instruments, Anna Antipova – violin, electronics, George Dumitriu – sound design; a musical story telling inspired by the Soviet-Ukrainian film classic The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, directed by Sergei Parajanov.

The performance alternates music and texts to tell the story of the film and the unique circumstances under which it was shot; the eccentric director Sergei Parajanov and his crew; and the village Kryvorivnya with its peculiar customs, dialect, and music. 

*) not the original shots that the artists used while performing, but just what i could find

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